For a long time felt that well-groomed nails and hands – is prestige, comfort, self-confidence in women and men themselves, because these hands are kind of calling card.

In our showroom you can choose different types of integrated professional care for hands and nails:
– Hygienic manicure:
Nails should take daily care and subjected to hygienic manicure, which includesmainly the nail right haircut and thorough cleaning of the front sections of the nailgroove. This will help our skilled craftsmen who create the most favorable conditionsfor the healthy growth of your nails and no conditions for the growth of bacteria oringrown nail.

Our feet deserve attention not only in summer when they are exposed to universal attention, but in any season.
Our shop offers a wide range of services:
– Edged pedicure:
It is also called a classic. Here the skin around the nail – cuticle-circumcised and orohovivsha leather soles with a special blade is removed.

– Sorted pedicure:
He – European, dry and safe. It differs from the classical fact that orohovivsha leather heel treated with special scraper or Emery boards with rough abrasive and cuticles are not cut – it put a special cream and vidsovuyut to the base of the nail spatula or a cotton tick.
– Hardware pedicure:
Unlike conventional pedicure at the hardware used is a scalpel, and special grinding nozzles and caps that are selected individually for each client. Hardware pedicure and advanced nail techniques correction can help to forget about the pain that provoked vrostayuchymy nails, nail resume.
The main feature of the hardware pedicure is that the foot does not need pre rozparyuvaty in water. Instead, apply special creams for mitigating zahrubivshoyi leather and materials for rigid and ingrown nails. They have disinfectant properties and are only dead keratinized cells without zadivayuchy tissue. This is considered a big advantage, as almost completely nullified the probability distribution of fungal diseases. Also, sterile processing are the same tools for hardware pedicure.
Other pluses include hardware pedicure safety that minimizes injuries and canceled the possibility of infection – as the tissue is zrizayetsya.
– SPA-pedicure:
This new technology in nail care. Using special drug achieved an incredible effect: perfectly groomed nails, a nice, strong flavor and long-term effect.
– Foot Massage:
Foot Massage is healthful and preventive procedure for the whole body: stimulating biologically active points on the feet, you improve the status of all vital organs.
– Men’s pedicure
He is gaining more popularity as it is not only aesthetics, but also treatment-removal of corns, prevention of fungal diseases and deformities of nails. In the strong half of mankind very popular hardware and SPA-pedicure.