There are centuries-tested tool that enhances health, increases their vitality, make muscles strong and elastic. It – massage.

Massage – a combination of mechanical methods of graduated exposure to different parts of the surface of the body, used for therapeutic, prophylactic, hygienic, cosmetic, and sports and training purposes. Professional massage helps relieve stress, which causes many diseases. He relaxes, reduces pain, improves the intestines, blood and lymph circulation, which improves the removal of toxins.Various techniques during the massage has its own focus. Slight pressure, combined with slow relaxing smooth movements. In intensive pressure stimulated blood circulation and lymph. The cells are filled with oxygen. Deep pressing palm stimulate muscle tone, thus destroyed and removed from the body toxins. Also reduced the fat layer and improves lymph circulation. Depending on the tasks distinguish the following types of massage: hygiene (cosmetic), medical, sports.

Physical and Mental Benefits

– relaxes the whole body
– loosens tight muscles
– relieves tired and aching muscles
– increases flexibility and range of motion
– diminishes chronic pain
– calms the nervous system
– lowers blood pressure
– lowers heart rate
– enhances skin tone
– assists in recovery from injuries and illness
– strengthens the immune system
– reduces tension headaches
– reduces mental stress
– improves concentration
– promotes restful sleep
– aids in mental relaxation

Currently, there are well over 100,000 massage therapists practicing in the United States alone. Training requirements vary from state to state, although an increasing number of schools and states recommend massage therapy programs of at least 500 hours training. As of March 2004, 33 states and the District of Columbia have official massage licensing regulations, and other states are pending.