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 Men’s hairstyles

Modern man became increasingly take care of their look. He is interested in not only the hair, but nails and skin. The main remaining are cleanliness and hair successful haircut. Well done, it could change the face, hide his shortcomings, such as too long or snub-nosed nose, forehead to make up or give it more correct form, to soften too sharp facial features, make it finer and younger. It is noticed that fashionable and tastefully executed men’s hairstyle adds confidence and beautifies life. Trendy haircuts for men cann’t do without the creative point of view of the master of your individual style. Fantasia our master embody your dream a reality. Color effects and other techniques hairdressing give your image the originality and uniqueness. Stylish men’s hairstyles made by our craftsmen, will underline your personality in special occasions.


Hair biochemistry “MOSSA”


The hair fiber is an extremely stable structure that can resist breakdown thousands of years after a person’s death. About 50–100 microns in diameter, it consists of a 3 main layers – cuticle, cortex and medulla. The cortex provides the majority of hair fiber mass and is responsible for its strength. It is made of elongated cells, tightly packed together. These cells are composed of long filaments, or microfibrils, which contain rods of keratin embedded in an amorphous matrix. These proteins are remarkable for a proportionately high level of the intermolecular cross-linked amino acid, cystine, the disulfide bonds of which give hair its great tensile strength. Other protein intermolecular bonds, such as salt bonds and hydrogen bonds also exist in keratins. The hair cortex is covered by an external

cuticle, which accounts for 10% of the hair fiber’s weight. The cuticle consists of overlapping layers of scales, each about 0.5 micron thick. In a newly formed human hair, up to 10 scales can overlap in one cross-section. The cuticular scales protect the underlying cortex and act as a barrier. When the scales are intact, their smooth surface reflects light, so the hair looks shiny and healthy. Finally, the medulla consists of specialized cells that contain air spaces. Only thick terminal hairs have a medulla, which may be discontinuous.


Hair laminating

Lamination – popular today service that provides our beauty salons “IRENA” in Riga. Surely you have noticed that the stars of television, girls, advertising hair products have elegant, healthy, manageable hair. In most cases it is not the natural beauty hair actresses, this is the results of lamination.

iNeo-Crystal lamination is an advanced innovative SPA procedure for hair repair and care treatment building a special natural membrane on hair surface. After this procedure the hair will acquire visible volume, silkiness, elasticity and glamorous shine. This lamination kit is for professional use only.

Recommendations for use:
1.Lamination treatment is recommended for:
–    Thin, insufficient volume, porous, delicate and bleached hair;
–    For hair damaged as a result of frequent coloring and high temperature (electric hair dryers, irons, curlers);
–    Split and fragile hair;
–    Very dry and dull hair;
–    Hair after with curling/straightening perm treatment;
–    Maintaining hair color after coloring treatment.

2.Lamination treatment shall be performed  by certified professional hair stylist.
3.Lamination may be used for dyed hair (either immediately after dyeing or between dyeing sessions) as well as on naturally pigmented hair.
4.Duration of one lamination procedure is about 45-60 minutes.
5.If application procedure is followed correctly, the result will last from 5-7 weeks depending on the condition of the hair.
6.Recommended lamination treatment frequency – once a month.   

Hair Treatment withPHYTODESS

More than 80,000 women worldwide trust your hair to it each day. DESSANGE created a unique line of hair care PHYTODESS, to satisfy the desire of men and women follow in their hair and experience the benefits of all means for them in the cabin each day. Designed as a tool for the beauty of hair and scalp, all products PHYTODESS established and approved research centers and DESSANGE to experts. PHYTODESS – the world’s only brand that does not use silicone in the shampoo and means for hair care. The composition of all means of most natural. PHYTODESS brand products based on the curative properties of clay and essential oils. Today in medicine and cosmetology widely used medicinal properties of clay: absorbent, ochyschuyuyuchi, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and stimulating. The essential oils produced by plants etheric oil, quickly penetrate the outer layer of skin and reach capillary vessels, performing antiseptic, detoksyfikuyuchu, zazhyvlyayuchu, tonic and stimulating effect. Using products PHYTODESS understands a comprehensive Spa treatment and approach in solving the problems of hair and scalp. The stones, precious metals, clays, essential oils, micro-elements, sea minerals and plant ekstrakty- secret of this product to restore, protect and clean the scalp and hair.