pH – skin (well-cleaned skin – the beginning of all beginnings!)

CosmetologyAll have nachulysya of the term of the commercials, articles in magazines, on various cosmetic companies and the like. But everyone knows about that question and what the required score 5.5? According to the concepts of chemistry, pH – a measure of the acid – alkaline environment, it ranges from 1 to 14. pH 7 is neutral (water has a pH = 7), all less than 7 – a, acid environment, anything over 7 – alkaline (solid toilet soaps, hair dyes, solid deodorant, perm).
When washing with water, we often feel the skin and charged peresushenoyu – is associated with change in pH as indicator for the skin should always be sent in the acid side (below 7). It should always find out for yourself and remember that in acidic medium there is no growth and development of most bacteria and fungi, and umyvayuchys soap or other alkaline solutions, we independently displaces the figure in an alkaline medium (more than 7). Thus, patients with inflammatory elements are alkaline pH of the skin. With proper treatment tactics, namely given the right tools for the treatment (with acidic pH) the dynamics of treatment-resistant disease gives a positive result. The patient noted rapid healing of inflammatory cells and no further recurrences. In psoriasis skin pH, on the contrary greatly changed in the acid environment.
In the presence of inflammatory elements in many patients, dermatologists, cosmetologists primarily focuses on the work of the gastro-intestinal tract, excessive consumption of sweet, in violation of hormonal, genetic predisposition, disorders of the nervous system and therefore ppodibne and thus forget about home care, namely about personal hygiene patsiyenta.Dobre cleaned (washed) skin is the beginning of all beginnings. Nowadays, technological advances and the emergence of various cosmetic products easy to get lost very often oriented spozhyvachevi.Tomu our patients choose what proreklamovane, that helped the girlfriend / boyfriend, that more or less, and the like, because that is useful and necessary to solve their problems. Many cosmetics and “cans” are not solving these problems and does not remove responsibility from the patient by improper care. Start with a basic – selection means for washing. It in no case shall dry, collect or cause any discomfort. For oily skin – this gel cleaner. An obligatory step in cleaning is Toning. Tonic completes the cleansing stage, nelyshe of cosmetics, skin fat, metabolic products, but also that important – levels the pH. Tonic should not leave the skin feeling adhesiveness, tightness or “gravity”, after the skin has to be a feeling of freshness and purity. Only after these stages of treatment you can apply the cream under eyes, day or night cream or a mask according to your age or problem
Health to your skin, and hence the success to you!