Aesthetics of the body

Smooth skin, slender figure, fresh and rested appearance, this is turning clients to our salon beauticians. Presented below procedure convinced that your expectations are not useless, because the efforts of our experts intended to extend the beauty and youthfulness of your face and body, make the skin supple and radiant. And, of course, add energy and good mood.

Wet ‘Wax’ wraps

In professional circles technique of wet wraps Aromaderm of professional cosmetic brand STYX Naturcosmetic (Austria), commonly called “Wax.” This is captured, euphoric state of comfort and feelings of patients during the time of the procedure. Methods of wet “Wax” – wraps Aromaderm is the way to complex to combat excess weight and cellulite deformation contours of the body, which combines high performance with correction anhioprotektornoyu and omolozhuyuchoyu action. The basis of this technique to create procedures Austrian pharmacologists took Sebastian Kneipp hydrotherapy system, the basic postulates of which – “dissolution, removal and consolidation.” Wraps Aromaderm wavy strengthen the local tissue temperature, causing the body to restore termobalansu through increased lipolysis, stimulate metabolism and energy exchange. Bands during the wrapping function as absorbent base, which removes the skin vyvydeni toxic substances and products stagnation. Methods of wet wraps almost no contraindications. Experts STYX Naturcosmetic created a universal scheme of procedures based on individual approach to problems and eliminate the very cause of.

After the procedure, “Wax” – wraps are prohibited:

– Within 5-8 hours to shower and bath;
– Sunbathing, visit a solarium;
– Attend a sauna.

Expected outcomes of the course wraps (10-12 procedures): weight loss of 5-8 kg, reducing the volume of the body at 10.4 cm, decrease the relief of local fat deposits, the listing of the skin, improving elasticity of the body, reducing the disappearance of old and fresh Stry , reduce varicose veins and cuperosis, elimination of edema, control of appetite, light, flexible, plastic body. Wet “Wax” – wraps Aromaderm also used as a therapeutic basis for globally active cosmetic procedures for face and body (treatment of acne, eliminating earthy color and appearance of tired skin, etc.).

Termoaktive dry anti-cellulite body wrap

Gels performed Cello-gel from professional grade kosmetsevtychnoyi STYX Naturcosmetic (Austria), already proven as an effective treatment that provides fast results in correction. Cosmetics Cello-gel, zsnovana on the principles of aromatherapy and naturopathy, not only solves complex problems of excess weight and cellulite, but also related pathologies. For concentration termoaktyvnyh components contour gel Cello-gel divided into “soft”, “Average”, “strong” and “Extra” that are applied depending on the degree of cellulite, skin type and place procedures administered course correction client. If the problem of cellulite combined with age-related changes of the skin, will become effective application of gels Cello-gel «with caviar and neroli” and “Centel”.

The best course: 5-8 procedures every 2-3 days.

Expected results: Deprivation of cellulite, reduce edema, body detoxification, weight loss and normalization of metabolism, restore microcirculation and lymph flow, increase skin elasticity, remove stry, reducing vascular figure, improve overall health, strength and energy flow.