Guidelines on the use of Quantum Camera

Even Einstein stated that matter in all its forms is made up of light waves. Influence of light and color waves of all living organisms can not be questioned. To a living organism was always required inflow of energy sources, one of which is light. Every particle of the body reacts to light and a color. However, even healers East know that the color does not only affect mood, but his health condition, they know more than 300 diseases that are treatable color (chromotherapy).

The first component of the complex effects in quantum-cell-infrared radiation.
Infrared radiation – is the invisible eye of long-wave spectrum of electromagnetic radiation випромінювання.Інфрачервоні are natural, completely safe waves. The most important and largest source of thermal radiation for us is the sun. Soft and gentle warming effect of infrared therapy is achieved by profound penetrating properties of the body. Influence of infrared waves on transparent objects is minimal, so the air in the chamber is heated strongly. Infrared radiation has nothing to do with the potentially dangerous ultraviolet radiation. As a result, triggered by intense sweating at relatively low temperature in the same quantum-confinement. Penetration of infrared waves to a depth of 4 cm in body heats tissues, organs, muscles and bones and accelerates the flow of blood and other fluids in the body. Increased blood circulation in muscles increases metabolic exchange, which in turn enhances the action of the immune system, improves muscle power, dramatically increases the flow of sour kind to the tissues. Running up the body’s tissues is a natural reaction sweating. The natural process of sweating when adopted, comfortable temperature ensures perfect skin care, its power supply, purification and rejuvenation. The body energized in the camps, there is a wonderful feeling. In addition, in the process of warming up, briefly raises the body temperature to 38,5 ° C, simulating a natural reaction to infection, with suppressed activity of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The use of cosmetics based on the activation of blood circulation, the excitation energy processes in cells, stimulation of collagen formation, necessary for tissue repair. Through perspiration perfectly cleansed skin pores, resulting in dead cells are removed, the skin becomes smooth and elastic. Regular visits to quantum-camera helps in treating and preventing acne, allergies, dermatoschiv, dandruff, smoothing wrinkles, there is resorption rubtsiv.Kvant camera with multifunctional wave optical therapeutic effect, applicable in many areas medytsyny.Pry regular use of quantum-camera possible to achieve some positive results with these problems and diseases: high / low blood pressure, excessive weight problems, sleep disorders, blood circulation, rheumatism, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases verse vessels, inflammation of ligaments, the court, chronic pain in myazah , gastric pain, cellulite, stress, back pain, digestive disorders, bronchitis, healing the body, asthma, diseases of the throat, nose, ears, colds, pneumonia, skin diseases, lumbar pain, arthrosis, weakness of the body.