Tanning method “Airbrush tanning”

Our salon offers the only in Lviv quick method of tanning for women and men who want to get fast, natural and basic – not harmful sunburn for 1 hour.

Spray tanning with an airbrush is applied by a qualified technician through a compression unit. Like other forms of spray tanning, it’s important to exfoliate the entire body prior to an airbrush session. While common skin care promotes using lotion on your body to moisturize, it’s important to skip the lotion on any day when you’re considering airbrush tanning. The lotion will cause the solution to not adhere or sink in to your body as well, limiting the effectiveness of the tan.
The biggest benefit of an airbrush tan is that the tan can be completely customized for your body… and airbrush professionals are trained in how to properly tan difficult areas, such as hands, feet, hairlines, etc.

Airbrush tanning should always be administered through a qualified salon with trained and experienced technicians. A custom airbrush application usually has to be scheduled with the tanning professional in advance, and is generally more expensive than other methods.
The quality of the equipment, solutions, and technician can have a tremendous impact on the final quality of your airbrush spray tan. Please see other sections of this website for full details of what to look for, and what to watch out for.

Preparations & Precautions

It is critical that the airbrush tanning solution not be interfered with by water, so refrain from showering, swimming, or sweating for at least 6 hours. If water interferes with the tan, it might streak and turn out uneven. An airbrush tan will tend to last between 3 and 6 days, with the best color on the first and second day. This form of tanning is ideal for anyone attending a major event, such as a fitness competition, beauty pageant, or wedding day.

Realism – High (with qualified technician, equipment, & solutions).

Safety – Very safe. Make sure nose/eyes/lips are protected.

Frequency – Once every five days if you plan to maintain. Recommended that you have done the day before your event.

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